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Auto add miner to fs

Could there be a way to have one or more miners be automatically added to any fs. Maybe those matching some tags. It is a lot of effort to add a common miner to multiple fs.

You could do it now, by exporting all your fs, and adding a miner that works off a template, but might be more user friendly to have a way to do it on the dashboard

not too sure i follow. what’s the current problem you’re facing?

creating a flight sheet is taking too long for you?


the idea is to have a miner show up on all my fs that match some tag or other identifiers.

It takes very long to add a new miner or change it on 10 fs. I have many fs that I use with autoswitcher for nh.

i would try to lower the number of flight sheets with the tuning option, unless youre running 20 different unique miner combos excluding miner config