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Atomatic OC by Temperature


is there an option in hiveos to automatically regulate the power limit of the card based on the gpu temperature within a specified limit?

At night it is much colder than in the afternoon and currently I have to change the PL manually.

Can I suggest such a function somewhere?


hit fan button ton top middle menu pops set desired temperatures on smart control and it will run gpu closest to preset temeratures

I am sure that many of us are wanting this feature.

The “Fan” icon seems to only control the fanspeed of a card, but we would love the PL to be automatically adjusted based on a card’s TEMP according to presets/values we select.

It could be just like the Schedules and Overclocking Templates, but instead of being based on time of day, it would be based on TEMP. Though it could actually be even simpler.

Schedules based on time of day is only a partial solution as the weather is different every day.

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