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ASUS Z490-A Prime on board NIC doesn't work

I have a new rig running 6800’s using the ASUS Z490-A prime motherboard with onboard NIC. In Windows, everything works perfectly and the NIC works without issue. But when I use the latest HiveOS Beta image on the rig, the onboard NIC doesn’t activate. HiveOS boots but it says it can’t find the network and the lights on the ethernet port are out. But if I boot off the Windows image, the lights on the NIC light right up and I have full connectivity.

Does anyone have any suggestions for getting the Prime onboard NIC working properly with Hive?


Have you resolved it? I did some research, it seems like the driver issue. will dig into it further

beta image is not stable version
and new mainboard have new nic chipset and new chipset have new driver
if you know linux try install manually
in hive gui mode

The problem is still occurring and I’m not familiar enough with LINUX to figure out how to get the new NIC driver on the USB to install it manually (or even how I would even do that).

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