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Asus Strix rx 570 - Hynix Memory (Question about Higher Hashrate and 40% Fanspeed)

Hi there,

Just curious if anyone has the same GPU as I do and succeeded in a stable 30+ mh/s. I just want to succeed with my RIG atleast 30 mh/s +. Also I set my fanspeed to constant 40% is this good or should I set it lower/auto?

I have a few of these cards. Stable around 30.5 mh/s

I downloaded and moded the BIOS with Polaris Bio Editor One Click Patch.

Core Clock - 1200
Core State - 4
Core Voltage - 900
Memory Clock - 2150

As for fans, i have it set to

-fanmin 50
-tt 65

but your temps look good so I wouldnt worry about fan speeds.