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Asus Strix ROG RX 5700 XT bios mod not working!

This bios worked for me.
I modded it, flashed it and now the card works with custom bios.

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hi, i have the same black screen after modding my bios. I can only boot at P side but doesn’t boot at Q. Tried to flash back the stock bios at P but im getting error ID mismatch. Any suggestion how to flash back the stock bios? tia

Hi @tech3ric. You mention that P can boot (but not Q), but that you tried to flash the stock bios onto P(?). Do you mean you tried to flash the stock bios back on to Q?

By no means am I a pro here and I recommend researching as much as you can prior, I’d highly recommend:

A) Boot using P. Once booted, flip the switch to Q (the bios I’m assuming you attempted to flash with the mod).
B) Follow the flashing steps outlined above, making sure that you’re just trying to flash your stock (e.g., backed up) bios back on to Q – no mods, just try to get the card working again.
C) If you still get a black screen on Q, repeat step A then see if Son of A Tech’s video helps you out (the pertinent stuff with the Sub ID in MPT starts around 6m:43s). You may need to copy the Sub ID from your stock bios (or the stock bios that’s remained untouched on “P”) into the bios you’re attempting to flash.

Best of luck! Remember to try and keep “P” as pristine as possible. Double check the switch before you attempt any more flashes.

Hey @AbeFroeman, thanks a lot. I’m able to reflash back to stock bios now. I was doing it wrong but i see the clear picture now. Working now on the step#4 you provided. Again, thanks. :grinning:


Hi, how did you get 58? Thanks

Core 1430
VDD 775
Mem 920

Stable at 57Mh/s
Increasing mem up to around 950 will yield higher than 58Mh/s but with instability.

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Hello there, can you share your moded BIOS?


Did you change DRAMtiming12 on both 1550 straps in the RBE?

Can you please answer. Thank you.

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Hey i need someones help i flash both Q and P and i get black screen what can i do

Hello everybody,

do you have a link to a good working mining BIOS for the rog strix?

I would appreciate your help.

Thank you in advance.

Hi, I have a ROG strix, I just changed the tref timings as well as memory strapping. Found next to no difference between xt and non xt bios. These are my current settings. Kind of trying to get the most out of the card as I only have 2 cards mining. If anyone else has better voltages and hash let me know!!

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how i bios moding this date buy gpu plz help

Downloading from techpowerup just work for me!

For my Gigabyte 5700XT Gaming as well, which have the same issue on bios signed issue and black screen /brick if modded the stock bios copy from the device itself. Just download and mod and flash the oldest driver from techpowerup will make it done.

Great it worked great for me!!

Download is not work: “BIOS not found”.
Please make available link to download?

Invitation sent. Also have a strix card

Hi. Does anyone have an bios file for the asus strix 5700 xt? I modded my bios but in teamredminer after 1 or 2 days it keeps crashing…

Hello colleague, how much did you change the timings? What value did you put, can you attach a photo with the changes.
Thanks in advance

Follow mod
Managed to get 920 memory oc in teamredminer giving 56.5mhs stable.

Hello, I have a problem with the modification of the Asus Rog Strix RX 5700XT, as I modify it and the card stops working. The memory is Micron.
Thanks in advance