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Asus RX580 8G freezes when the AMD drives load

Hello all,

I’m setting up a rig for a family member and they have 2 new Asus RX580 8G cards on an MSI Z270-A Pro motherboard.

Hive starts just fine but the moment the AMD drivers load, the system freezes and requires a hard reboot.

I’m at a loss because I have 6 GPU running on the exact same setup and it works fine (I’m using 4G cards).

I even tried installing them into my rig, but it hangs at the same place as soon as the AMD drivers load.

Any ideas?

I have a similar issue with Asus RX 570s. I am looking for a solution. If you find one please let me know!

It’s probably BIOS related. Recheck the settings - latest BIOS, PCIE Gen2, Above 4G decoding enabled, disable unneeded hardware. Swap risers and the small boards, reflash hive, try another usb.