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ASUS RX5700 UNKNOWN CARD and tryied to pull back OG BIOS not working at all

Hello my friends ! I hope you are doing well everyone ! i do :slight_smile: ,
I’m from france my english’s not that good but ill try my best !
I bought 20* ASUS RX5700-08G-EVO, i have to admit, these are not thebest cool card, they produce a lot of heat ( 100°C constant at mem ) Well this is not the point.
I bought it directly from a bulk supplier. The 20 cards got the exact same ref ( 115-D199PI0-101 )
I flashed all of them, but from now, only one is marked as UNKNOWN when booting my RIG, tried to put back the OG bios but nothing to do, the card won’t boot. She’s recognized, she can boot with screen as the main card, but you can’t do anything with it she’s not starting the hash process, tryied to put every bios that i could find on powertechup, but nothing. idk what happened here, i got more than 200gpus, flashed all my AMD one, and this is the first time it happen, i always save my OG bios for every card ( even if they get all the same ref, got the same manufacturing date and come from the same supplier )
If anyone could help me to get it back would be really apprecciate :slight_smile: !!
Thanks all and have a nice day !!

dear do you need original and Modded Bios file i have same card getting 57mhs

my memory temp 88 c

I can try with yours ! Could you give me OG and modded bios ?
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Lol i i lost original bios file even i put in the hard disk save i did not know where is go

but update i founded original too

anyway this one i am using original but modded currently on hiveos giving 57mh



best of luck update me what happen

as you as talk about heat did your back plate have thermal pad in

my card have 3 mm original thermal pad in or change existing pad with 12kw thermal pad

if you want card last long keep temp under 90c

unfortunately not working…
but thanks !

Could you pull the bios off through the hive gui?

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