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Asus rx5700 crashes on hiveos past 0.6-203

Hi, currently have my rig stuck on 0.6-203 seems to crash when I upgrade past this. I have a strix model and was wondering if people have these cards running stable at 910-920 memory past 0.6-203 and can share their overclock settings and hive version info. Thank you.

Try reflashing the latest stable image, and min/maxing your clocks/voltages from scratch.

Tried multiple times, doesn’t seem to work. Seems to be not the only one as other forum posts mention post 0-6.203 have issues

Starting from scratch to find the most stable clocks and lowest voltages didn’t work? You can’t find any stable clocks or voltages?

What kernel are you on? Can you post a screenshot of your most stable OCs?

Apologies yes it is stable so 1350 core then 800/850/1350 is stable with 920 memory.

5.4.0-hiveos #108

Those are the lowest you can go on the voltages while maintaining stability? Seems a bit on the high end. What hashrate are you getting?

I see you’re on an older hive image, did you try the latest stable image with the latest kernel? Or only the latest hige software version on 5.4.0?

It is a bit on the higher end. I think it’s a very finicky card but it happily does 56.5mhs on teamredminer

Yes even when doing
hive-replace --list and choosing the stable version it’s the same thing.

so youre having the same issue on 5.4.0 and 5.10.0 only if you update past a certain software version?

5.4.0 works fine, when I update hive pretty much any version after 0-6.203 causes the card to not mine with the same settings for long, as mentioned (10-15min before the card will crash and rig reboot)

When I’ve asked in the HiveOS discord they said its my settings but I swear its either the amd driver or something because when I update there is issues, when I rollback there isn’t a problem.

did you try 5.10.0 kernel?

worth noting, im running 8 5700/xts on latest everything, no issues, and i manage a 70 card 5700 farm as well with no issues on latest. id imagine its a local to you issue as well.

Yeah but is there a way to update only just the kernel??

the base image/kernel are separate from software versions

I’ve updated the kernel but it’s updated the amd / nvidia drivers as well. How do you do that??

amd drivers will be tied to the image/kernel. you can choose the software version using the upgrade/downgrade feature.

I’ve done that plenty of times. Yes I get the problem when I upgrade the kernel/hive version beyond 0-6.203

so let me see if i follow,
old kernel/old version works with your settings.
old kernel/new version doesnt work.
new kernel/old version doesnt work?
new/new doesnt work?

How do you get new kernel/old version? AFAIK you could only be on the old version/kernel and new version/kernel

flash the latest stable then choose the software version. like i said theyre seperate.

When I downgrade it changes the kernel as well. That’s why I am confused.

kernel only changes with a reflash.