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Asus RX5600 XT DUAL EVO insanely low power consumption reporting after bios mod

Hi guys,

I recently bought 10X Asus RX5600 XT DUAL EVO, tested hashing ETH in stock bios and it was somewhere around 40 Mh/s with 80-90 watts each. I bios modded 'em with red panda miner’s bios and now see 43Mh/s which is a good improvement. But the watts consumption reported is around 45-47 watts each which is unbelievably low that I’m not sure what is happening. I’m really curious if this is actually reporting correctly or something weird has happened? I have a separate fixed meter that reports ~1160 watts for the entire rig (10X Asus RX5600 XT DUAL EVO, Asrock h110 pro btc mobo, 2x Corsair RM850, G4400, 8Gb Corsair Vengeance) at the wall though. So what is happening here? Anybody experienced this? Check the below screenshot of the same.

never take wattage reading on any software platform or miner etc seriously. the only way to know 100% your rig power usage is to use a hardware tool such as killawatt

Yes. I fully agree that software readings are not to be trusted. However, what’s puzzling me is that for the same bios mod with the same OC, I did not see other miners having the software reading report this low.

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