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Asus RX 580 Dual OC - Producing big amount of Invalid Shares


I have a setup with 6x Asus RX 580 Dual OC - all with modded VBIOS.
Five of them are running without any issues. But one card is generating
about 10%-20% invalid shares. I have tried numerous settings changing
core clock, mem clock, core state and core voltage. But no matter the
settings I keep getting around the same percentage of invalid shares.
Is this just a case of bad Silicon Lottery or is there something else that I can try?

Did you put compute mod ?
and also try
core 1100
dpm 1
mem 2000
ref 30

Silicon lottery has an impact. My cards with Hynix memory runs on a different OC than the ones with Samsung memory or Micron memory.

You need to check the memory of the card giving invalid shares and the other cards. It’s written right below the cards model name in HiveOS OC settings page.
Look at the image I posted, the 2nd and 5th cards are from same brand and same model yet the memory is different and both run on completely different OC settings. And everything is stable.

Thank you. I will try these settings now.
I don’t think there’s any compute mode when using HiveOS.
What do you set for VDD/Core Voltage?

The memory on all cards is of the same Hynix brand and ID/version. Maybe just bad silicon lottery then :confused:

For Hynix memory I use the following settings.
I get 28.97 mhz off an MSI RX580 OC all day long without hiccups hence the rig stays stable.

Fan :-. 100
Core :- 1200
VDD :-. 810
Mem :-. 1925
Ref :-. 50
PL :- Left on auto. I don’t set power limit for hynix 570/580… If you tweak PL, cards become unstable in case of Hynix as far as I’ve seen.

Try these settings and lemme know if you need more help.

You memory clock is low.

PL doent work for these cards. Use ref 30. Vdd is kinda low. If it gets unstable increase ot a bit.