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Hello, I am new to Mining, Want to BIOS MOD my ASUS RX 5700 XT OC Edition TUF Gaming.

I have not modded my GPU and tried to overclock settings, but my hash rate directly goes from 52.56MH to 0.00MH whenever I put new OC settings while it is running, then I have to restart it every time.

have you experienced this problem before, and how to overcome it?
Also, please let me know how can I BIOS MOD and OC settings for maximum hash rate and low power.

I might be wrong but I am pretty sure it is the miner software crashing. This is either due to too many changes too fast or the setting created too much instability. Try getting it to a stable spot then change it only slightly. Leave it for hours and then change it again. Tweaking takes days.

Hello, I have this GPU too. Whenever I change any settings, system crashes right? Rig goes offline but GPU works. I mean system is freezing. Do you have same problem? Can you solve it?

I have same problem, and looking for someone who can assist me.

Same here! As soon as I change one setting, the hole Rig freezes. 13x Asus 5700XT TUF Gaming.

Perhaps ASUS has modified the Bios so no overclocking is possible? Or the Miner has a bug?

I’m using the TeamRedMiner. Anyone else?

Anyone can give me a newest BIOS ASUS TUF Rx5700XT RAM overheaing issued, please
email : [email protected]

Thank you for your help in advance

You can see in image. the ASUS TUF does not perform as stable as Gigabyte. Still a very good card. But needs slightly different settings to achieve lower wattage and stability. My cards are not modded as I am also quite new to mining.

My settings might not be the best for this card but it is stable at this settings.

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