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Asus RX 5600 XT ROG STRIX bios mod fail

I have tried to flash bios with 1550 memory timings for better hashrate. But I have No luck with these cards, they fail in POST after reboot. They have dual bios with switch so I can easily flip to stock bios again if mod fails.

Have tried download stock bios from hiveos and modify timings, save and try to flash. But after reboot it fais during POSt. Have also tried to download stock bios from Techpowerup and modify that - but same result. Last try was I dl an already modified rom for an MSI card. But no luck.

Anyone have any ideas or have a modified bios that works?

You can test this,

The video are in portuguese, but you can try copy the description text in google translate.
This BIOS MOD was tested with this parameters in ASUS and GIGABYTE rx5600xt

Dont, forget to save your original bios!

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