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Asus RX 5600 XT Evo Top, MSI RX 5600 XT Gaming X - unstable rig, invalid shares and other problems persist

Hello, guys!

A week ago I completed my first rig (only AMD GPUs), it has 5x Asus Dual RX 5600 XT Evo Top and 1x MSI RX 5600 XT Gaming X. Motherboard is ASRock H110 Pro BTC+.
I’m using HiveOS and Phoenix Miner 5.5c for mining.

For the ASUS (Samsung+Micron) memory cards I use bios mods from Just changed some values:
• the minimum voltage to 700 from the MorePowerTool (pic 1)
• changed the tREF timings to 9900 from the RBE, and saved a new rom file (pic 2)

For the MSI Micron memory card, I use the mod from this Red Panda video. (

I’ve been testing a lot of clocks and voltages, but still can’t find the right solution. I thought that the rig is stable, it was stable for 24 hours and a card crashed, then 2 hours later another one crashed… and so on. Last night I even got 50 invalid shares on one of the Micron cards. This thing AMAZES me, how it’s possible after a stable 24 hours…suddenly it starts crashing cards randomly one after another. Also, as you can see on the HiveOS screenshot, I get “GPU driver error, no temps”…
About the power consumption, currently the rig drains 595 W from the wall. If we take out 50 W for the system, that leaves us at 545, which makes 90.8 W per card.
I have these questions:

  1. Can the problems be from the bios mods I use?
  2. Should I try the same overclocks with Team Red Miner?
  3. Can you guide me further for the oveclocks values in order to achieve a stable rig?

I’m attaching a screenshot of the current situation inside the HiveOS. Thanks a lot!

Update 2 hours later, more restarts and errors:

Maybe u lower your settings a bit. They seem to be pretty good as well but maybe not stable?!
I got also reboots but so far it runs stable and with less reboots than in ur screenshot.
Wanted to update some things, but still waiting for a card and dont want to shut it down at the moment.

Hey, I was stable for the past 6 days. GPU 1 crashed twice so I will put +5 mV on the Memory Voltage. These are the overclocks:


VDD was for me too low. Get crashes after a while so i let it for 5600 + 5700 at 750.
So far no issues after 8hours.

But was able to clock down the mem what -brings on my 5700 the memory temp down a bit.
94-96C is maximum when heated and warm.

did you find the solution ?

soy programador y he descubierto el codigo exacto para las 5600 xt

buscame en you tube mariominer

El proyecto lo estoy probando aun


Hola, que tal la configuración de tu tarjeta MSI? Sigue estable? O hubo cambios?

Hello ,
I have an asus rog strix 5600xt microm ram card, can you share your modded bios?
[email protected]

Would you please share your bios for 5600xt please? [email protected]

I have the ASROCK Micron 113-EXT800123-L12
If I use red bios editor to mod the timings and flash, then it will show the memory type as unknown and refuse to work

Hello, how do you get 47-48 mh on 5600xt??

Can you share bios MSI

I think it’s just quite fake or so

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