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Asus RTX 3060 TI LHR cannot see in HIVE correctly

hallo , i just installed one new asus 3060 ti lhr in my rig , with an btc s37 8 slot mainboard , but hive do not see the GPU correctly it just say “Device 2489 · ASUS” , i updated the drivers with the laters one “470.63.01”
and the OS also “0.6-190@210826”

but there is something strange, i am not sure the driver update gone correctly , cause in the RIG overview screen in hive it says driver N 455.45.01 , but if from ssh i do nvidia-driver-update --list it says " Installed version - 470.63.01 (CUDA 11.1)"
can someone help ?

please close this topic, after a few reboots drivers loaded correctly and now the gpu is showing perfectly ! sorry for the useless trouble

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