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Asus rog strix vega 64 external fan header control

In short, the asus rog strix vega 64 has 2x 4 pin fan headers that I’d very much like to use, but I can’t seem to find any information as to how to control them from inside HiveOS, or just plain Linux, for that matter.

Does anyone have experience with this, and possibly a solution? It’s not strictly necessary, but would be nice.

Best regards.

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Thanks you very much for the answer however it isn’t really an answer, I think, or I have misunderstood something.
I goes without saying that there are ways of controlling these fans, but is it possible on Linux? Sort of, it would seem… Maybe. It’s not all that clear, from my hours of Googling.
That being said, this is not just Linux, this is HiveOS. I wouldn’t even know where to being to try and install anything, which seems to be necessary, provided the needed tool is not already installed.

how it is that there is a way without saying that there is a way to controll these fans…for my card there is non, and i had to research for that info…it wasn´t for sure like “it goes without saying”…good luck

First of all, no need to be salty. I was very polite and diplomatic, and am truly grateful for the attempt of an answer.
Ig goes without saying that there is a way, under the right circumstances, like running Windose, using the right tool, etc.
It may be that there is no way to do it under Linux and/or HiveOS. Well, no easy way, that is. There’s always a ways. I’m not some fancy kernel developer, or whatnot, so I wouldn’t know.

For your card there is non, that you know of anyway, but that was not the question, was it?

Anyway, I am sorry that you took this the wrong way, but I do not think that I was in anyway in the wrong here.

Best regards.

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