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ASUS ROG Strix Radeon RX 5700 OC Gaming 8GB GDDR6 - card not works


i have RX 5700 strix oc gaming and now i’m trying to build my first rig.

I connected everything to my motherboard and everything looks ok - the lights are on, but the fans are not working.

I installed hiveos on my computer and set up the excavator correctly, but the card still does not work.

Should I install any more drivers for it? Someone could link to some good instruction on how to do this?

No, Hive has drivers out from the box, no need install GPU drivers additionally.

Which Hive image are you using?

Did you use the latest beta HiveOS?

I’ve been using the latest stable version using open cl 20.30 on a mixed 13 GPU rig, 7 Nvidia and 6 RX 5700 XT without any issues. The OS update to 201124 increased my hashrate by 3 MH/s with no clock changes. Using current Phoenix miner and she has been humming stable for days.

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