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Asus ROG Strix 3080 TI Hashrate

Hi there.

I am wondering what’s the hashrate you get with asus strix 3080 ti? I can only get to 78mh without over heat GPU core (and presumably memory junction temp). I have tried t-rex and nbminer as well. Gminer seems to be the most consistent one for me but I wasn’t able to get my hashrate higher.

Looking at the forum, seems folks have been able to get 90mh (evga card) with a cooler GPU core temperature. I am not sure if this is just a brand difference or something that I missed. Isn’t Asus suppose to have better heat management?

Any suggestion is appreciated!

its very possible your card is throttling, you can verify by running:

nvidia-smi -q | egrep “Thermal Slowdown”

from the run box in the menu.

i get 89-92mh on my 3080ti with trex 24.7, nvidia 495.44, 1350 core 2800 mem and 100% fan

Thanks for the reply! I will give your setting a try. I was targeting higher hashrate while keeping core temp below 70 to be safe (since we don’t know the memory junction temp on Hive due to driver issue).
Do you mind to share what’s the average temp of your GPU core? I am a little bit worry about keeping the core at high temp as I have heard that it might reduce the life span of GPU.

Is yours throttling? My core temp is 48c, and I run my fans at max because fans are the cheapest part of a gpu, and I’d rather the gpu itself last longer even if I have to replace the fans in a few years.

It wasn’t throttling as far as I know (I set a power limit to avoid it).

The problem might be my driver version. I was using the latest stable. After upgrade to the same driver version as yours. The core temperature seems to be lower than before with higher power limit and memory frequency.

Still wasn’t able to get 90 yet but am fiddling with OC settings at the moment.

Power limit won’t keep it from throttling, dont try to do that. If you run the command I put above it will give you a yes or no answer if it’s throttling, no need to guess.

Yes. I did ran the command and software & hardware throtting were not activated when mining.
I thought power limit can actually reduce the temperature so it is less likely to trigger throtting.

I am currently at >80 with gminer. t-rex is at 50-60 somehow (which seems like the lhr unlock is not working for me).

you can always force the lhr percentage in the config too.

I have tried to set force “lhr-tune”: 74 if this is what you mean. It didn’t help increase the hashrate unfortunately.

will give nbminer a try and probably do another round of t-rex.

Thanks for all the help. I really appreciate it!

FWIW, I moved my GPU to a different slot on my mother board. And it somehow made a big difference. My GPU core is now at a much lower temp than before with a slightly better hashrate. The temp was around 70 before and now it seems to stay at around 50 with a 70% fan.

just did another try with t-rex and it works now. seems to get near 90 without overheating core

can u tel me best oc for this card?

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