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Asus ROG Strix 2070 super causing crashes

I’ve got one 2070 super card that is a consistent culprit of shut downs. Ran it in six Place rigs, 3 Place rigs, and even as a standalone in a desktop. After a couple of minutes operating, it forces a shut down and restart.
Anything I should look to or tweak?
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I found Asus rog 2070 run different OC than others 2070 (usually core 1000 mem 1800) , so you may try -200 or 1200 core, 1500 memory 125V to get 42MH

Also, make sure the BIOS switch is switch toward to HDMI port side,

I am now trying 1000/1600 to get 43MH and testing the stability.

Ended up trading this card for an AMD 5700. Got me reliable 53 hash.

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