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ASUS ROG RTX3080 power stuck at 188W

HI guys,

I have 2 ASUS ROG RTX3080, one is hahing at 100MH/s @230W, the other is hasing at 42MH/s @ 172W.

I have tried everything, and can’t get the second one to increase the power. When the miner starts, it starts at 210W and 80MH, then drops down to 40MH @ 172W after 30s.

Any ideas I could try ?


Don’t use core offsets or power limits. And your top card is thermal throttling. Lower the temps and it will do a lot better.

Thank you @keaton_hiveon , but not sure I understand what you meant as I am locking the core clock for the top card.

What values would you recommend for a start ?


Only use locked core clocks for all 16 series and newer cards. Offsets just waste power and are harder on the card for no reason. Find the lowest locked core clock that maintains full hashrate by trial and error

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