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Asus Prime Z490-P 13 or 14 gpus

So I saw a site that mentioned that this board can get up to 14 GPUs. So I bought it. But I can’t get it to go pass 10 gpus. I believe the configuration for 14 gpus would be 2x 4-in-1 splitter riser cards (8 gpus), 4x 1x riser cards (4 gpus) and 2x M.2 PCIe adapter (2 gpus). Well I’m trying to put on 13 gpus with that configuration (minus 1 M.2 PCIe) and hiveOS fails to load drivers past 10 GPUs when booting up. It gives an error about failed to load amd drivers. No matter what configuration of installed gpus, whether M.2, splitter riser card, etc. 10 seems to be the max. Anyone successful with this with more that 10, hopefully 13?

I’m going to try and update the AMD driver on Hiveos to 20.50 since driver 20.45 introduced support for RX 6800 which I have 4 I’m trying to load. BTW, they do mine fine with the 20.40 driver when I have 10 or less cards. Just testing a theory out.

splitters are hit or miss with certain cards. make sure to have pcie gen1/2 set and play around with different cards on splitters

Thanks. Splitter are all good. I mixed and matched them and they all work with 10 gpus. no bueno with 11 or more.

fwiw: all my AMD 6800 rigs, from 6-12 GPUs are on latest stable kernel level drivers below:
Screen Shot 2022-03-05 at 6.37.36 PM

But, I do not have that board, my 12 or more rigs are TBC360 or H110 based chipsets. I only share this data as I don’t believe it is a 6800 and 20.40 (5.11.1001) limitation.

Thanks. That’s what I figure it wasn’t the 6800 or the driver. I’m just shocked that it doesn’t work given it has an abundance of pcie ports. I have the H110 running 13 cards but now the price for those have skyrocketed to ridiculous prices or are unavailable.

I going to start experimenting to find a not so popular motherboard and try to get 13 gpus on it using splitter cards and m2 pcie adapters. Seems like a fun project.

Good luck in the pursuit.

Not sure yet whether I prefer the H110 over the TB360 Pro V2 after having them both in operation, maintenance cycles, etc.

Like having the power/reset buttons on the H110, hate the close PCI connectors.
Like the spacing on the TB360, think I dislike missing the onboard buttons while making changes, etc.

Always some compromise.

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