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ASUS PRIME Z270-AR - Low hashrate with GPUs - HiveOS

Hello. My friend bought an ASUS PRIME Z270-AR and he is using 4 gpus for mining. 3 GPUS are getting very low hashrates, only the 5700xt is getting the full potential (on any slot). We already tried changing slots, changing risers, and nothing… we know that the risers and gpus are working fine… he was mining with another mobo with no problem after he bought this one. (mobo stopped working so he bought this new one)

Things we tried already:
Updating the bios
DMI Max Link Speed to GEN2
PEG Port Configuration to both GEN2
PCIE Speed to GEN2
HD Audio Controller to Disabled
Serial Port Configuration OFF
Above 4G Decoding to Enabled

Heres a pic of what looks like on HIVEOS:


Please someone help us!!

Do u update bios on motherboard ?
What PSU u are using …
What hiveos ver and kernel…
How do u connect the cards? (sata cables molex or 6 pin ) …
Its good idea to fix your OC…
do u have bios mod your gpu’s?

yes!! bios updated. PSU is a RM850x. HiveOS and kernel latest version. Cards are connected by SATA on the riser, should I try connecting then on MOLEX? Or both? No bios mod, everything stock. OC is just a test.

Always use 6 pin connection to risers… The second option is molex but when you have already done undervoltage on card…

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