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Asus P5Q Pro - cannot boot

I have the following system:

Asus P5Q Pro - last bios available installed
4Gb RAM (2GB + 1GB + 1GB + empty slot)
5 cards - 4 x RX 480 8Gb and 1 x RX 570 8Gb - all with custom bios with all timings and speeds already written in bios

I tested it and here are the results:

Windows 10: this system is stable and I can mine for weeks.


I am able to boot and mine with only 3 cards
With 4 cards I am able to boot only in maintenance mode+disabled gui. The moment I start mining only 3 cards get hash rate, the 4th has zero hashrate and shortly the miner crashes.
With maintenance mode disabled it will not boot with 4 cards and gets stuck at “Starting agent screen”
With 5 card it will get stuck at “Starting agent screen” regardless of maintenance mode setting.

Do you guys think it has something to do with the odd memory configuration (2+1+1).
Maybe if I buy 4 x 2gb sticks it will solve this problems?
Windows does not care about this and it is perfectly stable mining with all 5 cards.

Or maybe some other reason?

Thank you in advance,

Later edit. I remembered I had some old motherboards in the basement which had some DDR2 memory.

Installing 8Gb of RAM does not solve anything, Hiveos still stuck at booting.
Now it goes through creating agent screen and it crashes on creating X server config.
Which is weird because I had GUI disabled so I was under the impression it shouldn’t create an X server.

What drives me crazy is that switching to Windows 10 and the exact same system is perfectly booting and mining on all 5 cards.

Later edit. Simplemining also installs with no problems.

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