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Asus P104-100 OC settings and Max supported GPU Count

I decided to give HiveOS a try on couple of my rigs.
First one has 12x Asus P104-100 and 7x Asus P106-100
Second one is with 19x Asus P106-100

I’ve noticed that HiveOS wont launch when I have 19 cards so I unplugged 3 from each rig and it started working fine.

OC settings for P106-100 are working more then good but whatever I do the 104-100 are always working on stock. The only thing I can change is the Power Draw.

Am I missing something special about the P104-100s OC and How can I launch (if possible) 19 cards rigs, since most of my rigs are 19s?


My P104 settings : CORE -15 MEM 1400 PL 130

hi pecbr, have you found a way to make your 19 gpu rigs work ? cause I´m experiencing similar issue with my rig (13 pcs of rx 580 8gb + 6 pcs of p106-100

Up to 16 gpus the rig works perfectly, but when plugging the 17th gpu even though hive starts fine (appartently recognizing all 17gpus) claymore won´t start (according to the console there’s a segmenation fault error)

My setup:

8gb ram
core i3 7th generation
Running Hive OS version 05.57 on usb flash memory 16gb.
Motherboard: b250 mining expert
gpus: 13 pcs of RX 580 8g sapphire special edition + 6 pcs of p106-100 6gb


How many hashrs you get?