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Asus envidia geforce rtx 2060 dual oc evo help

Hi colleges
I have an optiplex 380 small factor whit a mobo 01tkcc
It’s and old pc
I used to mine whit two 4gb nvidia cards
One conectes at the x16port and the other connected bya spicer in the pci port
It’s working whit nano miner whit Poor low hashes
So I trying to put 1 Asia envidia rtx 2060 dual pc evo
But i don’t se any signal that it’s working
And the hiveos doesn’t show me in the dahs board

The lights come in but the fans go off
It I put alone this card connected in the pci
The fans go fast but any signal shows and hiveos also don’t show

Any idea please !?!!

Are you sure the card works?

Hi, tks for answering
I jut got it fe days ago
I couldn’t check it right away I de not have power , the power got yesterday here
A certified 750 w whit 8 +2 pin pcie power conector
How can I check ???

Try it in another pc with a monitor connected to the card and see if display works

I will try

I just talk whit the kido that was the previous owner and he told me that he es using it whit games
So it was working

Also I will try again if he let me
To prove the card in his pc

Hi good day
I haven’t make it work yet