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Asus Dual RX850 8G Hynix memory problem

I’m new miner just start couple month ago
I’m using qwery motherboard
Intel i3 , 8GB RAM
Currently I use 2 x XFX RX580 8GB samsung memory
And running normally with 29mh im not flash bios polaris
Just setting OC with hiveos

JUST NOW I buy New GPU card ASUS DUAL RX580 8GB with Hynix memory (DUAL-RX580-O8G) and I try to install in current mining rig but always crash and stop mining
I already try another port changing PCI Riser and another power cable same

And last I try to disconnect all my XFX 580 card ( I just install 2x asus dual RX580 )
Less than 15mnt also crash

My question: is Asus Dual RX580 standart setting compatible with hiveos ?
Or need to tuning / flash bios first ?

Thank you

usually its just plug it and it runs. test it in some PC to see if it runs.

Thanks for response, I think so, it should be run just plug and play
Or maybe my Qwerty motherboard problem, I don’t know
Because I just have 1 motherboard, so I cannot test plug to another

So do you see the card in hiveOs? It crashes after it starts mining?

Less than 5-15 minutes still ok

But after that become crash and invalid share like this

To me : memory is way too high clocked

ASUS Dual have somehow crapp memory ( or ASUS dit it wrong because MSI rules with ~same batch ). 2000 MHz is a miracle to get
( bios modded, tight timings )

I already try back to 0 setting OC my RX580 asus dual also
Just stable for few minutes after that no mining

And because I plug asus dual rx580 my current XFX rx580 become error also (got several invalid share)

If I just run with 2 XFX rx580 Only it’s very stable

Anybody can help ?

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