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Asus Dual Rx 580 8GB mining rom H5GC8H24AJR

I’m lookig for a good Bios mod for Asus Dual OC RX 580 8GB H5GC8H24AJR 115-D009Pİ2-101
Can someoe help me and share a really good bios mod ?
It will be also helpful if you can provide the OC settigns for this card.

Best regards

I every body I have one to and this card is driving me crazy i can’t get it stable at all with any miner and any oc settings even with those one

So if some one can share with us a good bios with the best oc setting it would be very kind.
Happy mining

Asus Dual Oc - SK Hynix H5GQ8H24MJR · 115-D009PI2-101

28~32 Mhs
Cc 1150
Mv 850
Mc 2040
Ref 20


@FelipeJova I bro plz can you tell me what miner are you using and how much time did you tested those oc settings plz.
Happy mining

Can you give me the original BIOS XFX RX580 SK Hynix H5GC8H24AJR . 113-58085HAD0-M80?

Mem clock 2100
Core clock 1100
Vdd 845
Dpm 1
Vdpm 1
Ref 30
30 mhs stable

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