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Asus B85m-e

I need help if possible regarding my board asus…

The model is b85m-e that has 3 pci slot, but I can’t make work only with risers.

I have to put a card in the first slot and then I can connect a riser to the board detect both cards.

If I use only the risers connected to the board this won’t work…

There is no change of change this?


this is very strange. have you done some settings in the mobo’s bios ?

I only set to “default settings” and disable onboard igpu I think that’s the name

you should enable above 4G encoding,
also PCIe link speed 2gen.

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I have to see where is that…
Then I tell if found and if works.

Many thanks.

Only change PCIe link speed to 2gen and work…

Many thanks…

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