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Asus b250 with no signal

I ordered an Asus B250 which came in today, I’ve hooked it up and nothing seems to be working. The CPU fan turns on and the GPU also turns on however there’s no signal on the screen.
I’ve tried everything I could think off but it doesn’t show anything on screen.

The Specs

PSU: Corsair AX1200i
CPU: Intel i3 6100T
Ram: 2x 4GB Corsair

Is there anything I need to do specifically to get this working?

Did you check that the bios set to use the onboard video card?

Thanks AlleyCat, I don’t even get into bios, nothing shows on the monitor at all. I also tried it with a graphics cards and no signal.

Do you have any GPU plugged in the board? If yes, remove all the cards, you should be able to access to the board.

I tested both use cases (i.e. With GPU plugged in as without)

When GPU is plugged in I connected the hdmi to the GPU and no signal was received.
When GPU is unplugged, the hdmi is plugged to the motherboard hdmi port and yet no signal

Did you try to reset the board using the reset pins?
Try to reset the board, and start is with no GPUs.

Did that no luck. :frowning: :disappointed_relieved:

It’s worth noting that when I reset the bios (i.e. Removed the cmos battery and shorted the clear jumper) when I turn it on is reacts differently at first which suggest the reset was acknowledged. Still didn’t get any signal

I don’t know what else to suggest. It looks like you are stuck with a bare system booting.

Did you check that the bios set to use the onboard video card?

Hello all, thanks for your suggestions. I have resolved this issue; it turns out the board does not like the Intel i3 6100T processor. I bought a i5 and it worked immediately. I still don’t know the technical reasons for this as the i3 processor was in the list of supported CPUs.

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It has to be the 6th and 7th gen CPU, see this list:

6th gen

7th gen

I just saw the Intel i3 6100T is a 6th gen CPU, so I don’t know… weird.

Thanks. I guess for anyone trying to build a rig with the Asus B250, I’ll recommend not to use the i3 6100T. Its a low powered CPU (@35W); this could be a contributing factor.

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