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ASUS B250 not detecting GPUs

Hey yo,

Currently in the process of setting up a new rig and am having some trouble with GPU detection after POST. For context, I’m using an ASUS B250 and it shows me a screen of which cards are working and which aren’t right before launching BIOS. Anyways, on my very first POST, I had one card in and it detected fine - showed up green and everything. Then, for some reason, each time I relaunch BIOS, the slot the card is plugged into always comes up with an error (see pictures). I went a tweaked around with the BIOS setting (detailed description below), but no luck. Was wondering if anyone had any ideas. Thanks!

BIOS setting changes:

  • Changed primary display to CPU graphics from PCI-E

  • Changed both PCIe and PCIEX16_1 speeds from Gen1 to Auto

  • Disabled SATA ports 2-4 (not in use)

  • Enabled Power on by PCI-E

  • Disabled HD Audio Controller

No big changes really, as you can see. Also, I’ve tried detecting the card on both Gen1 and 2, but no luck. Ideas?


Above 4G encoding to enabled.
miner mode on ( if you have miner mode on this i think you should have ).
Usually the gens speed is Gens 2.
Set primary display to PCI-e.

test and see what happens.

Yeah 4G encoding has been on - only using one GPU for now anyways. Miner mode is good as well. Even when I changed the graphics and set Gen to 2, no result.

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