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Asus B250 Mining Expert Won't Accept more then 8 cards


My rig doesn’t seem to accept anything more then 8 x cards. The current set up is 8 x RTX2080ti and 5 x AMD 5700xt. All the cards have been tested individually, the risers and power supply. My question is, does the RTX cards and the B250 have some sort limitation?

Any combination of 8 cards, whether Nvidia or AMD, the first 8 will work fine. The funny thing is all 13 cards show up on the bios post screen as green and working; however HiveOs shows up as an error.

Tried and tested bios settings, Gen 1, Gen 2 and Gen 3; 4g Coding on, Mining mode on.

What am i doing wrong?


Hi @rumelk1 ,
About if the B250 have some sort limitation? Yes sir.

If you get 13 GPU you need to install the cards in this why.

You can download the manual from asus:

But but but in somewhere I heard that many had a problem with the GPU number 13…
I don’t really remember if it works using the PCI Express x16 or not.
Try first using ony all the PCI Express x1. If doesnt work, try to use GPU 13 Card on the PCI E x16.
Test and then tell us if works.


Thank you for the reply

I’ve gone through the manual and installed the cards in the exact format you’ve suggested, yet no luck. Will still only accept a maximum of 8 cards at a time.

I`m using at the moment 2x 1070 1x1070ti 3x1080 5x1080ti 1x 2070super and 2x3080 cards on this board with no issues the only thing i see on my board, i bought it used so 1 pci port is bad its the one direkctly under the x16 and if i connect a card to this port the hole system is unstable for a reason i did not figure out.

But i got my pci speed on all devices set to gen 1 if i set it to auto or higher than 1 its not starting properly

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