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ASUS B250 MINING EXPERT first card doen's mine at full speed

Hello Everyone,

I have 2 asus b250 mining expert cards, lastest bios.
13 Gpus. For some reason the card that is in the first slot (16x). Doesn’t mine at full speed.
I have tried changing cards but nothing helps the first card always mines on about 17 mh/s. While others mine at 27 ~ 29 mh/s
All the gpus are the same Sapphire pulse RX580 8GB.

Thank You for your help.

check pci-e link speed for pci-e x16 slot

I am using B250. It has 18 ports for mining. I do not understand why you use PCI-E x16 for mining? Use the graphics core of the CPU. Then all PCI-E ports will work correctly.

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Look for a better bios.
With me Sapphire pulse RX580 8GB stable.

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Thank You for your support I check my pci-e speeds in the bios and they were all over the place fixed those and all the gpus mine as they should. Also took the advise and all my gpus are connected to the 1x ports on the mother board much more stable that way.

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My last result. Probably leave this mode.