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Asus b250 expert mining impossible to go beyond 8 amd cards


i use hiveos on usb drive
asus b250 expert minig
4 go ram
02 Psu
8 cards amd rx 580
when i add 9 th cards it will be not detected ?

I had two rigs with that board, now one. The one I replaced wouldn’t see over 6 cards, the other has no problem with 12. All RX 580 8gb cards.

My mining partner had nothing but issues with all 15 of his boards and swapped out for Gigabyte boards.

It’s not the OS that issue, it’s the ASUS boards, in my experience.

thanks for replay, my motherboard is Asus b250 expert mining, i hope to use more than 8 amd cards on.

we wait other replay

best regards.

Hi, only thing I can suggest is double check your bios settings. I cannot recall the exact settings. Above 4G needs to be enables. PCIe lanes set to Gen1 disable any onboard features not used. A quick google of board mining settings should fill in the blanks for anything I missed. I run this board with a mix of 12 Amd cards. 480’s, 570’s and 580’s with both 4 and 8 GBs. It’s my most stable rig atm

i have made a snap of all coonfig of my bios setting, if you can send me your @mail i will send you my config.

i am always in 8 cards.

thanks for replay

The strange thing is that you need to keep very special PCIex populating order to get the MB running for good. It is not Hive issue and it is still present for the latest BIOS update. ASUS do not give any answer for the problem. For 12 GPU you should use the next populating :

asus b250 expert minig - Работает хорошо с 12 картами.
Что бы работали все 19 нужны карты специальные (в картах свой биос он изменен)
при попытке включить 13 карту в asus b250 expert minig материнская плату не загружается просто черный экран.

в биосе asus b250 expert minig, изначально все установлено что бы работало больше 8 карт (4g, minig)
если есть проблемы с картами больше 8 . частая проблема плохой контакт райзера, или высокий разгон.


thanks for your help, so to get 12 card on this MB we should use 03 PSU ?
i will try to do this night when i come back to home

best regards.

пожалуйста, чтобы использовать 12/13 карты amd на одной и той же карте, вы используете 02 или 03 блока питания?

1= 750 вт. материнская плата + 2 карты 584
1= 2000 вт. 10 карт 584

It depends on you PSU and cards. If you have 1650+ PSU and cards tuned to consume less that 100W be Ok with just one PSU. But usually it make sense to use two PSU for more efficiency. Note that you may need additional power splitters.

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No problem connecting the GPU.
I have three power supplies Chieftec GPM-1250C 1250W. Each power supply has five GPUs. The motherboard has six PCI-E slots for each power supply. With this placement there is no problem. In addition, you need 8+ GB of RAM

In my opinion this are the best boards for mining. I have been running 14 cards on them for the last 1.5 years, 15 rigs. I only run them dedicated ,either nvidia or amd, I do not mix them on the same board. Hive OS has been great with both . Also the nvidia rigs I run with 8gb of ram while amd I run with 4gb of ram. Before you install any video cards you want to update the bios to the latest available from the bios menu.Make sure your internet is working and you do not get disconnected while it flashes the new bios. Also I change the settings for the pcie to gen 2. There are 3 places you need to make a change in bios for this.
I do not run the hive os on usb but on ssd’s.
One other change I make in bios is to change the state after power down to power up. This is all you got to do to make them read 14 cards.
For the cpu I run some celeron 3900 and g4400.Both work great , I get more hash on monero with g4400, and hiveos make’s it so easy.
As for the physical connection to the pcie slots it does not matter. You can plug them any way you want. I stay away from the 1x16 pcie slot for some reason, even though it does read all the cards I occasionally plug into it.
For the first year I have been running with 2-3 evga power supplies all connected to the motherboard slots, but for the last 6 month I have changed the set-up to 1 evga power supply plugged in to the motherboard and 2 server psu’s which are connected to the evga psu for on/off. I do not use the additional cable to power the pcie slots on the board (auxpwr_A1,A2,A3), no need.
Give it a try, you will find the nvidia rigs with hiveos run like asics ,weeks with no crushes. The rx series are the same , weeks with no crushes. It is the vega rigs that are finicky, but with time and patience you can make those good as well. Most of my rigs are vega 56/64 rigs and I I find I need to stay on hiveos version 06_01 to make them work. Any time I upgrade from 06_01 to any other version problems arise and rigs are not stable. If you run vega VII you can install the lastest hiveos vega version with no problems.
Hope this helps.


That there is a beauty. I picked up a couple mining expert board the other day on eBay. I’m currently running my 2 rigs on H110 BTC+ boards at the moment. Big rig is a hodgepodge of 9 RX cards, and the second rig is 3 470 8GBs and I’ll be adding in 3 P106-100 cards into the mix on it. I’ve still got to configure the dual-mining flight sheet. Is that what you had on this rig you ran with 13 Rx, and the 2 102 cards?

My motherboard is B250 mining expert. Only 13 RX GPUs can be installed on it. The rest of the cards must be green (nvidia). I can add 4 more P102-100 cards, but there is no desire. You can also put 19 cards P102-100. Now I bought several Innosilicon A10 ETH 500MH / s. This is more interesting.

13 RX on 2 PSU or 3 PSU ?

3 х Chieftec GPM-1250C 1250W

Hi Theredmado, you may need to update to the latest Bios to run more cards. I have 13 AMD RX 570/580’s running on this.

Hello Everyone,

I have issues connecting GPU on slot for which is a pcie 16.

I have even tried to power the additional 3 atx, but nothing happens. Any advice?