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Asus B250 and 9 AMD cards, no temps and red squares

Hello all

I have an Asus B250 that has been working fine for the last 6 months running 7 AMD cards (3 5700xt, 1 5700, 2 Vega 56, and 1 5600xt).

Anyway, I just got a 6700xt and 6800xt to add to the rig and that’s where the problems start. I cannot seem to get the temps to show up for those two cards and whenever I start the miner it immediately crashes.

I am using a power setup from Parallel Miner, 2 1200w 110v PSU with the breakout boards connected together so they turn on and off at the same time, I am not sure if this is the issue because no atx cable is plugged into ATX B?

All my OC values have been cleared and that did not help either.

Any ideas or suggestions?

for anyone having the same issue, i had to reflash the most stable version of hiveos

hive-replace -y --stable