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Asus b250 + 11 amd cards error

hello all,

I have built my first rig with asus b250 motherboard with rx 580 and 570 when it reboots i get this error as shown below cpu stuck and amd ib ring test and to fix it i have to turn it off from the wall and then turn it back on.

While its working fine and get restarts in any circumstances it goes to these commands and reboots and it doesnt work

Can anyone help me thanks

According your screeshot seems GPU with bus_id 07:00 it’s your headache maker

Check/replace riser, check BIOS settings for this PCIE line

now its being working for one day, but if i restart the match it doesn’t work.

so i will replace and the riser and check again and let you know i hope it works

thanks a lot

I am still getting the issue i have changed the risers updated the bios.
Please if anyone have any solution for it

Or did anyone ran b250 with 11 amd cards

I’ve run 13 cards, but running 12 now. Its a pain. Some cards won’t like one riser over the other so I switched those until it was working or one slot PCI-X over another. It would boot and run for an hour then crash and not boot properly again. Sometimes the power cables get a little brittle and need to be reseated, but mostly the motherboard has its own problems that don’t seem to be going away.

Solution? Troubleshoot each riser and each slot until its stable (running for 28 hours+). Took me a year, and still goes unstable regularly. Not sure if its HiveOs, failing PSU’s? Failing video cards? I guess this is why we make the ‘big bucks.’

I saw a video last week about the stable operation of 14 pcs 5700 cards on this motherboard

Thanks alot for your reply i have ordered new risers new cables still same problem.

It works fine for hours and days as long as you don’t restart the rig.

If you restart the rig it doesnt work on hiveos , the only solution now is to hard shut down from the wall.

Do you know any other pool.same has hiveos i can try

send me the video or link


It’s on Russian but anyway you will see that it’s works

Thanks but I need to see the cabling on the motherboard how its connected

I saw topic on this forum on which one of answer contains picture that could help you

Where can you send me the link thanks man

Find this topic for you


I have this motherboard and the reference listed here isn’t 100% accurate, at least not under the latest bios… if you figure out the ‘real address map’ please post! I know it changes based on the number of cards, but I’ve been wondering if it also changes based on what card (1080,1060 etc.) combinations are in use as well, or if it is completely random!