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Asus 5700 xt mem temp too high

Hey guys

Can anyone help me out i have been trying to lower my mem temperature but it’s stuck at 92 celcius and not going below it. Anything i can do to bring it lower then that. What’s the stable temp for this card?

Model is Asus Rog Strix 5700 xt oc

At first lower your mem clock( 870 mhz) at second you need thermal pads in backplate or in front of the card…
At second your VDDCI is very low and your MVDD … the stock values is VDDCI 850 And MVDD 1350…

My 5700 non XT is running at 50,100 hashes and has also 92-94 VRAM average.
So far no issues. Will plug more fans near the gpu.

Which settings exactly u recommend?

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