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ASUS 1660ti gddr6

hello everyone when try to oc my 1660ti, my hashrate is not changing.
I see changement only when i change the TDP.

i get this message when i try to oc.

the message from syslog is:

nvidia-persistenced[7721]: Failed to lock PID file: Resource temporarily unavailable

for Nvidia new cards (RTX’s & gtx16’s), the only way to OC them is to connect keyboard, mouse & monitor to ur rig, taskbar left there is an Nvidia logo, click on it and in the nvidia window (Nvidia X Server Settings), go to the card then PowerMizer and then set the clock, press enter, then set the memory then press enter

Do you know when oc for 1660 ti will work also from web interface?

OK I wil try.

i dont own or work for hiveos
thats up to the dev team of hiveos, they need to fix it
im just a hiveos user & customer

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it’s not working no change on my hashrate. :frowning:

considering that 1660ti oc works well from PowerMizer, I assume it would soon be implemented correctly also from web interface… crossing my fingers :slight_smile:

What driver are u using, 413.56?

i have connected my card directly to the mobo and now the oc is working. we need a x16 riser to make the oc working.


for GTX 1660Ti u will need 418 drivers at least

415 will not work with 1660ti

yes i used the 418.13 and now 418.56 i have one question what’s your hashrate with the beam algo?

thx u for your responce.

when i change clock and mem speed in powmizer it’s changing nothing, i not see the mem clock changing and that’s the same for the core cloc.

in theory to go higher then 11500mhz mem clock with powmizer, u need to change power level to 4 (max 12005 MHz), i see no where to set that things. im stuck at level 3 (max 11500MHz).

but if when i change the core clock nothing is changing all this theory can’t be used by me at this time.

the solution is not far away.

are u asking me ?
post a screenshots please

since the last update oc is working fine thanks u to the hiveos team. :partying_face: