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Asus 1660 Super Phoenix high temp

Hi There,

I have 3 1660 supers in my test setup. All running around 31,8 MH/S with Hynix mem. The MSI is the cold one. Then comes the Asus OC DUAL and last the Asus Phoenix. The last card is running 15 degrees higher on temp than the other 2 cards. Ive tried various core clock settings but Im not getting under 88/89 watt…

Don`t look at the graph in the past. It is saying it ran way colder but that was the MSI card using the GPU ID

Do you guys have any other suggestions?

I would try to put the same OC of the one that less temperature has to all and to see … if it does not change we would have to look at the position of the GPU in the rig in case where it receives more heat from the others …
Another option is that it is more used and it is time to change thermal paste and pads …

Thanks for your reply. Card is 3 days old… But I read online that the Asus phoenix runs hotter than other 1660 supers when stressing out… So it might be just the card itself.

It may be true that it works hotter than others, but anyway, try with the settings that HiveOs gives you to see if any of them lower your temperature, you know, more temperature less life …

I got the card steady at 60 degrees with 65% fan. The place on the mining rig did also matter.

I have the same exact card… 88/89watts… running 65% fan and sits at 61degress for the temp…

Settings are -250 core and -1004 memory.

But i found in another forum that someone had the core running at +930 and left memory at -1004 I tried it and it dropped the power to 73 watts and 56 for temp… i reverted back as im not 100% sure what the “safer” setting between the two is… so im like you… 60 degrees…

Anyone care to shed some insight on what settings is recommended etc.

Try this OC settings. (Hynix Mem Cards only)

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