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Assistance on RX 5700 voltages

Hi there, I currently have my clocks set per the image below. It seems to be ok at 928 on the memory. I tried bumping it to 930 and got a crash about an hour later. Is it wise trying to push the voltage out of the 1350 threshold or is it the vddci that also needs to be increased? Just after someone who has a lot of experience with AMD cards, particularly vega as this is my only card of this type. Thanks!

the 1350 is not the voltage, VDD is 775 , make it 780. also VDDCI 780 and see what happens. also it can crash if you push the memory clock higher while keeping the core clock low. so if that doesnt fix the problem increase core clock to 1400.

Hmm I just had 50+ hours of uptime and had a crash. Is it to be expected to have a crash on amd cards every few days? Worth bumping up the voltage just a touch somewhere?

well i guess all crash at some point. or if you push them closer to their limit. mine crashed today for some reason but it was running 5 days straight.

I guess you are right. I don’t think I followed what you mentioned with regards to changing the clocks to 780. I had a few crashes with my old config but since making these changes so far it’s been stable for over half a day. If it can go 24h without crashing or only crashing out every few days that will be good enough for me.

Just thought I’d pipe in and show my 5700 xt… It’s been rock solid for 2 weeks. 3 Rejects and 5700 Accepted. So it is pretty happy with itself…

Thanks, it’s hard for apples to apples comparison with samsung v micron. I am trying to push my card as far as itll go as I only have a couple of cards mining.

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