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Asrock RX 570 8gb modded bios problem cant OC

Hi there guys. I decided to mod my card Asrock RX 570 8g with Samsung memory. I made it run 29.29 without bios mode with OC settings only but i was eager to mod my first card so i did.
I extracted from the card the stock bios and modified it with polaris bios editor 1.7.4 one click timing and saved it in new file. So i used hive to upload it , forced upload. My OC before mod was

Core clock 1112 voltage 812. Memory clock 2190 aggressive undervolting on , REF 200 and i got 90 watts and 29.29MH/s
Modded i am at 1100 core 825voltage 800 memory voltage and 2075 mem clock. I get now 90 watts 29.8 MH/s.

I cant go any higher with the memory because card dies and if i gore higher core i need to raise voltage also and watts go up quite a bit. Does anyone know how to get more MH/S ? I see other people get on other similar cards lower watts and higher hash rates

There are always different memory tunning, try to lower the OC and do a few test, if that aint working, get back to original bios and start all over.

what do you recommend to do with the original bios ? i am just copying the straps from 1500+ to 2000 and now i am trying from 1650+ , and then i will try 1750+ … and ideas?

You need to find the right timing for your memory

I copied 1750+ and i get 30.60 with 94 W consumption

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