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Asrock motherboard does not detect GPUs

I have 4 x XFX RX6600 XT connected to my Asrock Z590 Steel Legend motherboard. The motherboard detects the GPUs but only 1 of them is mining.
The problem is the motherboard because I connected the GPUs to another rig with a gigabyte motherboard and everything worked ok.
Anyone knows what could be the issue?

Hi I have the same cards and a similar board (Asrock Z590 Phantom Gaming). Same here only 1 card mining in HiveOS. I think there is some adaption issue between HiveOS and Asrock Z590 boards. Maybe future versions will fix the issue. In HiveOS only 1 card is shown with Samsung GDDR6 vram and the other cards show unknown vram.
According to another post, the cards and board may work under Minerstat OS. I will try it out.

Same issue, asrock z590 motherboard…only can see 1 card. when change to other motherboard it works all fine.

Hi everyone, I just bought Asrock Z590 phanthom gaming 4, and faced with a same issue.
Now look, solution for me was very simple.
I tackled this issue via configuring motherboard BIOS.

4G bla-bla must be ENABLED
C.A.M Cleaver Access Memory must be ENABLED

Good Luck.


when i put the setting it works flawlessly

What’s the maximum number of GPUs that one can connect and actually mine with an Asrock Z590 Steel Legend motherboard?

I was able to connect 8 GPUs to my Asrock Z590 Steel Legend if anyone wonders

Asrock z590 motherboard has the same problem… Only one card is visible. When switching to a different motherboard, everything works fine.

check bios setting

already check but not working my motherboard best gpu for ryzen 5 3400g

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