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Asrock H81 PRO BTC R2.0 - bios savng

Hi there all,
I have a Asrock H81 BTC mother board that didn’t save the bios settings.
All the time that remain without power the mother board lost all settings
and I must power on using monitor and keyboard in order to answer at some default settings (N + F1)

I have buy 2 battery CR2032 and I try to change it 2 times.
But it still not save settings.

Is there anybody that had same problem please ?

Thanks in advance

I had this motherboard and i remember it has very strange behaviour. Sometimes it was like dead and i had to take out the battery + set the jumper to “Clear Bios” leave it for an hour to bring it back to live.

Try flashing the Bios with the newest version. If you have the newest already “overflash” it again. May be you have to set a value to forcce overwriting. Thats what i would try.

And perhaps looking for shortcuts. Screws at the back site of the board mounted right? Does the Board has contact to to the case where it shoud not?


Thanka a lot Michael,
I have let it 24 h now with out battery… I’ll see today.
I’ll try also to upload the bios… maybe will be ok.

Can be because the mother board have no ground ? …cause this board is in a mining rig
and stay to a piece of plastic.

Thanks again

I take out the battery + set the jumper to “Clear Bios” for some hour
then I reinstall a new battery and put jumper back.
Then I change some values in bios and save it.
I remove the power and after a minute I restart…
That settings was gone… nothing saved.

The is not a new bios, only a beta version.
I don’t have other ideea :frowning:
Thanks again

Hi Dennis,
sorry to hear that. Well no idea to solve the problem. The problem seem to be that the cmos chip is broken or it does not get power. So my last idea is looking for a short cut. Look for the place where the CMOS jumper for the board is. Maybe you see something at the reset jumper position.

The ground shpold not be the problem. I never hear that a bad grounded caused a cmos to clear.

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Thanks a lot for the answer :slight_smile:

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