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ASRock H510 Pro BTC+ - Boot straight into bios every time

Hello guys, I bought a ASRock H510 Pro BTC+ and I’m running with 6 RX 580 8gb actually. Everything is working fine, but erverytime I power on the motherboard, it boots straight to the BIOS, and then I need to go in EXIT tab and Boot Override, and select manually to boot into the HiveOS. I’m using HiveOS on a flash drive. I already selected the boot order to the usb (HiveOS) and I already enabled CSM and changed to all Legacy (when I select UEFI USB, it boots to the HiveOS without going to the bios, but then it freezes). What can I do to solve this issue? BIOS Updated to the last version…

Change usb position…or check your battery in motherboard…

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Changing USB postition did it! Thanks!

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