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Asrock h110 pro btc+

Hello all,

I want to installed 10 cards
5 amd
4 nvidia

Everytime i restart the rig it shows 8gpu but if i do hard shutdown from the wall it will show 9 gpu and if it crashes it goes back to 8gpu any idea guys thanks

I placed all the cards mix as shown in the picture below


is the same one GPU missing all the time? you might have bad connection there.

Is there any settings in bios?

What do you mean bad connection? Risers?

yeah i mean risers, splitters , all cables that you use to connect the GPU. if its the same one missing from time to time, maybe this is the problem. Its hard to diagnose but if its the same one , it will be more specific and point to that gpu, so next step is GPU connection diagnostics.

That board is quite finicky, have one myself loaded with 4xx/5xx.

A couple of threads you’ll want to keep handy:

Frequenting Networking issue: <add a NIC, USB or PCI to resolve>

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