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Asrock H110 Pro Btc fail to mine with more than 6 Rx 5700xt

Hello Fellows, what I’ll post here has been a big mysterious for a long time, I’m been writing all over the web to every kind of supposed Mining and gpu genius without any response, what is very frustrating because we constantly saw people around Youtu… , chats and forums clamming to know a lot because they have a massive mines but talk and talk but doesn’t help … so let get start.

i have 2 rigs, let say A and B

A= Mobo Asrock H110 Pro BTC with all mining setup, 2 psu Evga 1300 G3, SSD 240gb, 8Gb Ram, Cpu Celeron 3930, risers connected by Sata 2 gpu each, Total 13 GPU working Solid and Stable (11 Sapphire Rx 580 SE, 1 Sapphire Rx 570, 1 Msi Rx 580) Total Hash Rate 435, Total Watts 1860 at wall. more than 6 months no problems.

B=Mobo Asrock H110 Pro BTC with all mining setup, 2 psu Evga 1300 G3, SSD 240gb, 8Gb Ram, Cpu Celeron 3930, filled with RX 5700xt, risers connected by PCI 1 gpu each, I’m been able to get 58 Mhs but as soon as rich 6 gpu’s i need to lower the OC, other ways a lot of Detected Dead, 8 GPU max 55 Mhs and more than 8 has been impossible. So knowing I’m more than over powered, better connected at Risers and with same Mobo Bios config, Why is so hard to get 10 or 12 RX 5700 xt working together in this Mobo? any clues? anyone had been the same problem?

can you post a screenshot of your voltages/OCs? do you have all the proper bios settings for mining set?

MOBO BIOS 1.64 beta default Csm Disable
Vt-d : disable
Above video : enable
Pci link speed: gen2
Aspm: all disable
Suspend ram: disable
Igpu: enable
Csm: disable
Legacy support: disable only uefi

Pch :1200
Vccio: 1200
Dramm: 1400

As I said I’m running 13 rx 580 at full Hash rate 33.5 Mhs with no issues with the same configuration, but Can’t get more than 6 Rx 5700 Xt stable higher than 54 Mhs when alone everyone rich 57.7 Mhs .

What you think?

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