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ASrock H110 BTC, moving PCI-e


Please see screenshot in green box above. I would like to sort the two RX560 4GB to the end of list (to be no.5 and no.6 instead of no.2 and no.3). I’ve tried to move the riser USB PCI-e to the end of PCIE slot in motherboard but the hiveOS (Ubuntu) doesn’t list at the end of sequence.
Anyone know what would be the reason? Thanks for any insight.

I solved my own issue by swapping the PCIE around so it finally sorts the RX560 4gbs at the end of the list :smiley:

Please, someone is mining with more than 7 GPUS on Asrock ? I cant…

Yes, running 13xRX470 on ASRock H110 Pro BTC+… no issues…

10gpus with stock settings…just add gpu one by one