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Asrock H110 btc+ hanging during boot

All having a lot of issues getting hive to boot. I’m running Asrock btc+ 13 gpu board. I have one gpu plugged in. I’m running usb stick for hive os I have installed it on two different sticks from etcher. I am not running ufei it’s disabled, I can’t disable csm keeps booting in bios. This is my first hiveos rig coming from ethos. Thanks

Running the latest bios version?

Yes I just installed the latest bios did an instant flash hanging at the same place.

Have another drive to try with? Does your current drive work in other systems? Same result with no gpu installed?

Do you have all the power connectors on the board connected?

It’s got sata x2 and cpu power. I don’t have other systems this is first rig only motherboard. I have other drives coming in next two days to test

So you have the aux molex power on the board powered? Does it behave the same way with no gpu?

I took the power supply off and put a EVGA it isn’t producing a screen now think the mobo may be shot. Im leaving cmos out right now, not seeing any bios screen or any output.