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Asrock 6600XT Challenger, the fan does not spin

I recently got some 6600 XTs. Most of them were working fine with hiveos [email protected]
However, testing one from Asrock I noticed that once hiveos boots the fans stop spinning. And even when the card is mining, the fans do not spin up and the temperature quickly goes into the 90s.

Anyone else experienced this? And how could I debug/solve this problem?

Check their power cable if its connected.

Must have been a bug in the earliest version that supported the 6600 XT. It works fine now.


Did you have any OC issues with your AsRock 6700? Mine started mining at 46.5 MHz with 1300 Core and 1075 Mem. Then after trying other OC setting and it drop to under 40MHz.

I have a 6600 not 6700

Hello, did you solve this problem in anyway ? I have it too, i have a 6600xt PowerColor Fighter, and if i restart the worker fan won’t kick in at all and the temps keep rising. I have to go to oc, set a speed, wait for it to start, then if i remove the setting, it goes auto (also any temp i give the fan is 2% lower) … I`m on [email protected]

I’m on the latest [email protected] and same issues with 6600XT. One MSI and one Gigabyte. Zero fan speed after each reboot until you manually add fan value. If you get destructed by a phone call or something it gets overheated. Any solution besides having fans on 50%+ on all the time?