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Asic s19jpro with Amlogic (model A113D with micro USB) board

hey!! )
I have Asic s19jpro with Amlogic (model A113D with micro USB) board. And I am looking to just check with you that I am using this right firmware and the right equipment to flash my Asic s19jpro with hiveos


equipment:- sd card to micro usb - (Centechi Micro USB OTG to USB 2.0 Adapter SD Card Reader For Android Phone Tablet PC – köpa till låga priser på Joom)

If your control board has a micro usb port it is an amlogic board, not beaglebone.

Amlogic firmware is in development still

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Kedy bude k dispozícii testovacia verzia mam zaujem o testovanie


when is the release of the Amlogic firmware? if you have the date on when to expect it

No date yet, but it’s in the late stages of testing


Got any update on this?

from what i was told, we are currently accepting farms with 100+ amlogic asics for firmware deployments, no update on individual firmware release as of now.

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how many more day can take to launch for individuals? 30 days or less?

dont have any info on that as of now. If i hear anything ill update here

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Aun no hay firmware para la placa A113D con microusb? Segun vi hay manuales que indican que si se puede realizar pero ya intente todo sin buena solucion.

Please email [email protected] with amlogic firmware needs, as it requires manual install still.