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ASIC HUB new update causes error

I was running perfectly fine with Asic hub version 1.9 beta. Today i decided to Update the new version 1.9 and causes fetch error. i uninstalled it , reinstall it and did not work until now. please help me :worried:

Have you rebooted the pc? Verified the asic hub service is running?

hey keaton, we meet again. always apprecciate ur reply. Yes i did reboot several time and still does not work. Do i need my remote pc to connect by lan? before i was using only wifi and i was fine.

WiFi is fine, did you verify the asic hub service is running? Try manually stopping/starting it?

how do i do that?when i open asic hub app and it always give now Failed To Fetch Error. I uninstalled and reinstalled it. but no luck whatsoever. i even disabled firewall.

thanks, Keaton, I did that and got this error
what should I do? before that one was running fine with 1.9 Beta and after the new update, this happened.

I would try uninstalling and going back to the beta Index of /hub/

wew now is hard. I uninstalled it and
went for the previous version. It now gives the same error :frowning:

Version i had before was

Can you provide the logs? log file location is set in the settings → system config page

Finally, Keaton, Thank you for your help. I now have the old version back on running. What I did was uninstalling is not enough. I needed to delete all the hive on file and ASIC hub files from Programme and everywhere. then only I got the old version back and running. Really appreciate your help all the way. We can close this case now. :raised_hands: :raised_hands: