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ASIC Antminer Miner S19

Hello everyone!

I bought this asic miner A few days ago and It just arrived today. I run it for an hour, this is not miner it designed to kill humans.

It is extremely noisy and a heater. My AC does not cool enough. The best solution I have seen to kill the noise and control. The temperature Is to the miner in Mineral oil. I am not getting the mineral oil locally. I have checked the Alibaba it’s not available there and also eBay. What I am getting from eBay is a fourth grade one. I’m not sure it’s the same to dip the miner. This is my first miner and now I’ll be buying all the hybrid liquid cooling ones. My neighbor crashed into the door and he said man you are running the vacuum cleaner since 2 hour, Who does that and what are you cleaning? I also couldn’t stand the noise and secondly, there is no outlet to throw the hot air directly outside. No matter what the air will be trapped in the room which is not good. If you have any idea where to buy the mineral oil, please share the link and please do not share the expensive ones because I spent all of my money on the miner.

I pulled the plugs and I’m not running it anymore without dipping it somewhere other than water.l